Coupon Code – Happy5

Each March we like to mention it is time to celebrate the birthday of – this year marks our 5th year since we launched our PAYG Telephone Answering Service.

To celebrate we have a coupon code setup which offers £5 off any deposit of £50 or more.

Simply enter the coupon code Happy5 on the google payment page and you will receive £5 off.

Payment can be made by logging to your Admin user or by going to this top up page.

We’re also celebrating our birthday with a competition offering the client who makes the 20,000th successful payment via Google Wallet win 20,000 pennies of call answering credit (ie. £200).

All you need to do is make any deposit and once we have our 20,000th successful transaction we will add £200 to the winning account.

The only clue we can give at present is the 20,000th transaction will happen at somepoint during March 2013!

We will also immediately notify everyone via our facebook page. It will be then up to the winning account whether they wish to reveal their identity.

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