Coupon Codes

Over the next few months we plan to introduce new payment methods in preparation of the retirement of google wallet (recently announced by google). This news will surely delight a few of our client base who do occasionally struggle with the platform (and company).

In anticipation of google wallet closing, now is the perfect time to remind everyone of a few coupon codes which will also finish. Please do make use of them while you are still able to. Three coupon codes are currently open (please use the code on the google payment page where prompted)

To add funds to your account please use this link or login to the admin user.

happy5 – this will give you £5 off any transaction worth £50 or more and was set up earlier this year to celebrate 5th birthday.

£40off – anyone wishing to take advantage of the £400 tariff will receive £40 off the total price.

£75off – If you would like to stock up on call credit, and not have to worry about running out of money in the account – Please use the coupon code £75off on our top package (£750 + VAT) and you will receive £75 off the final price.

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